Free First Day of School / Kindergarten Printable

Posted by Jodie (Ollie's Room) on 1/26/2015

Those first days of kindergarten and school are such massive milestones in your little ones lives (and yours too!!) that you will never forget them. 

Document those precious moments with our free first day and last day of kindergarten / school free chalkboard printables. Perfect for those morning photo shoots. 

The prints look fab by themselves, or even better popped in a frame for your little ones to hold. 


To download (without the logo), simply click on the images below and it will take you to a screen for easy printing in A4 size (dropbox). 
JPG & PDF available (PDF will printer a better quality print)

They may look a little funny, but once you RIGHT CLICK --> DOWNLOAD they will open perfectly. Select the highest quality you can on your printer and they will be perfect! 

First Day Of School 

Last Day Of School 

First Day Of Kindergarten

Last Day of Kindergarten

PS. As with all of our free items, just remember they my gift to you for home only. Please do not copy, sell or redistribute without permission. 

I would LOVE for you to share our prints and it would be great if you could credit us and provide a link to our website. 

Wishing you and your little ones all the best during these special moments. My little one starts school too, so I will be thinking of you all through my own tears and feeling sorry for myself hehe. 

Happy days! 

Jodie xx 

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Crissy Date 8/29/2015
thanks for these!
Louise Date 1/28/2016
Hi Jodie, would you doing another of these signs for this school year (2016)
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